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NEXT WING MEETING @1600 SATURDAY 10 December 2016
WING STAFF MEETING @0900 SATURDAY 10 December 2016
By Bill Fier

Col Clint Epley and his team of volunteers provided over 850 attendees at this years Dinner Dance with a truly memorable evening. The music by Sentimental Journey was exceptionally good and all of the comments I received about the evening were replete with glowing remarks about everything from the dinner and deserts to the great job you’ve done refurbishing the hangar. While Clint orchestrates and attends to every detail of the evening, it is the dedicated wing members and their significant others ( wives, girlfriends, POOSSLQ) that make this such a successful event. Thank you!

At our wing membership meeting on the 19th we elected James Ellis to the position of Wing Executive Officer and reelected Ray Clausen as our Maintenance Officer and Ed Garland as our Safety Officer. Thank you for your commitment!

While Phil Bonasera will no longer be serving on the wing staff he has graciously volunteered to continue his great work leading his band of hangar repairmen. Under his leadership a major portion of the second floor on the South side of the hangar has been made usable for the safe and orderly storage of aircraft parts as well as the decorations for the Dinner Dance and items used during Casino Night and the Golf Tournament.

Phil and his men are now focusing their efforts on the first floor of the North side of the hangar. Their very ambitious goal is to turn the “old GSE and Wood Shop” into a climate controlled, year round work space. I know all the members who have tried to rebuild an aircraft part during the extreme heat of the summer months or freezing temps of January, February and March will appreciate their finished product. Thank you Phil! And thank you Larry, Mitch, Richard, Patrick, James, and Tom.

As the end of the year approaches I ask you to consider how you can become a more involved member of the Wing. There are many ways to help from home as well as at the hangar. We need help fleshing out the new web site Joe Enzminger is developing. Thanks Joe! We also need help with writing grant requests so we can pay for all the improvements that still need to be made to the hangar. Additionally we need help manning the PX and greeting our visitors. These are but a few of the areas where you could have an impact.

I look forward to hearing from you at

11 February 2017 will be a special day at the hangar for members and their significant other (see above) ……mark your calendar now.

It’s your Wing……come out and contribute!

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